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О переводе [6]
Полезные и шутливые статьи о переводе. Здесь можно почерпать сведения или посмеяться на досуге
О переводчиках [2]
Статьи, посвященные переводчикам


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Клятва св. Иеронима

- I swear to keep this Oath to the best of my ability and judgement. [Commitment]

- I swear to be a loyal member of the translators' profession, respecting its history. I am willing to share my expertise with colleagues and to pass it on to trainee translators. I will not work for unreasonable fees. I will always translate to the best of my ability. [Loyalty to the profession]

- I will use my expertise to maximize communication and minimize misunderstanding across language barriers. [Understanding]

- I swear that my translations will not represent their source texts in unfair ways. [Truth]

- I will respect my readers by trying to make my translations as accessible as possible, according to the conditions of each translation task. [Clarity]

- I undertake to respect the professional secrets of my clients and not to exploit clients' information for personal gain. I promise to respect deadlines and to follow clients' instructions. [Trustworthiness]

- I will be honest about my own qualifications and-limitations; I will not accept work that is outside my competence. [Truthfulness]

- I will inform clients of unresolved problems, and agree to arbitration in cases of dispute. [Justice]

- I will do all I can to maintain and improve my competence, including all relevant linguistic, technical and other knowledge and skills. [Striving for excellence]

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