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О переводе [6]
Полезные и шутливые статьи о переводе. Здесь можно почерпать сведения или посмеяться на досуге
О переводчиках [1]
Статьи, посвященные переводчикам


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Немного юмора
Анекдоты на английском языке

1. Mrs Robinson was very worried about her weight because she wanted to look good for her holiday at her seaside. On a bus one day she said to the woman sitting next to her: > I must get rid of twenty pounds but I don't know how to do it. That's easy, give it to me and I'll spend it for you. 
2. - When you have sold me this car this morning, you have said it was trouble-free. Since then, the brakes have failed and the door has fallen off. 
- Well, sir, I did sell you the car but the trouble was free! 

3. Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, called one morning on his assistant, Dr Watson.
- Watson, why are you wearing red underwear today?
- Amazing, Holmes! I must congratulate you on detecting the colour of my underwear. But tell me, how do you do it?
- Elementary, my dear Watson! You've forgotten to put your trousers on. 

4. The British are planning to travel to the sun in a rocket next year, said a British scientist. > But, said an American scientist, as you get near the sun the heat will melt the rocket. We are not stupid, said the British scientist. We will travel at night. 

5. - You're new, aren't you, boy? What's your name? 
- Simon, sir. 
- In this school we insist on surnames. What's your surname, boy? 
- Darling, sir. 
- Er... All right, Simon. Yours is the desk by the window. 

6. A cop drives up to lovers lane and sees a car there. So he walks up to the car, and there's a girl in the back seat knitting and a boy in the front seat reading a book. 
The cop asks the boy how old he is and what he's doing. The boy answers, "I'm reading a book and I'm 20." Then the cop asks what the girl's doing and how old she is. The boy replies, "She's knitting and she'll be 18 in about five minutes."
Категория: О переводе | Добавил: Liberty (20-Дек-2011)
Просмотров: 1991 | Теги: car, Анекдоты, Английский язык, статьи, trouble-free, Sherlock Holmes | Рейтинг: 4.0/2